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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Firewall Passthroughs, oil filler tube

The last few days I have continued to work on some of the final touches of the firewall forward.   I was able to torque down and safety tie the oil filler tube, which sure seems easier than it turned out to be.  Since you can't get a 1 and 1/8th inch size wrench down in that area I had to use a rubber/nylon strap to wrap around the base of the tube several times until it got tight then torqued it manually until I got it in just the right spot to put a wrench on it.  In the end it worked out well and I got the safety wire on it nice and tight.  Oh, I also put some permatex in the threads to help avoid leaks in the future.

I also started closing off the firwall passthroughs with the firesleave wrapped around the wiring.  This was difficult as well since I had to get the wire to move forward about an inch to wrap it, then slide it back into the passthrough tube.  I got the right side done last night and will work on the left side tonight..

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