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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Radio Check ! also laced and torqued the firewall forward

Don’t ever key your mic without an antenna connected !  Lesson learned..   At least with some newer radios, it doesn't destroy the radio, but it sure gives you a scare..  After learning that lesson and with the antennas connected I had Rebekah run across the street with a handheld tuned to "air to air" frequency (122.75) and we completed a double com check from each seat.  Worked perfectly.

I also was able to remove all the zip ties that were holding the wire bundles in the Firewall forward compartment..  There are a few heat resistant ones that are holding some hoses and tubes etc.. that will remain..  But for the most part I replaced everything firewall forward by tieing up all the bundles with waxed lacing cord.

Since I was back to working on the firewall forward I torqued all the remaining items an started riveting in the baffle rubber material.  It went in easier than I thought since I had already pre-drilled it with the baffles before final assembly.  For the most part except for some odds and ends I am finished with the firewall forward.

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