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Friday, October 5, 2012

Wings in Hangar, Tail Wheel Endorsement achieved, continued odds and ends

I haven’t posted for a while because things lately have been crazy in my life..  Won’t go into that boring stuff, just talking about planes here...  I have made lots of progress on external non-building items related to my flying though.  I have been training for the last few weeks in a Aeronca Champ to get my tail wheel endorsement.   Last night I got signed off on both my endorsement and my bi-annual flight review.  I am now current and good to go but will continue flying every couple weeks until early spring when I go down to Oregon and take a crash course (pun not intended) on RV.   It’s good to be back in the air again.  Here is a pic of the plane I have been training in.  Needless to say I am ready to graduate to my RV..

Also, My wings have been in a friends hangar for the last 6 months.  Over the weekend we rolled them across a few hangar rows at Paine field from his hangar into mine.  It was kind of like their first “taxi”, and it was fun to roll them past some 787 Dreamliners along the way.    Then I started getting my hangar (er.. man cave) set up nicely.   It’s going to take a while, but so far I have a few racks, the tail section my American Flag and a few other items to make it a nice manly place to hang out.   I’ll try to grab a photo this weekend of my hangar set up and post with this blog entry.

 Also, I have made some additional progress on my project.  I torqued and safety wired the prop, connected the light speed electronic ignition and fabricated a support for the plug wires above the engine.  Getting close to being complete with the firewall forward.

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