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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vents and Pics from out front

I spent much more time that I wanted to on the vent mounts..  These guys turned into quite a problem, in fact I made them about 3 times before finally getting it right.  I basically  made them out of .040 aluminum sheet and borrowed a bending brake from a co-builder.  First time I bent one, I broke the tab right off.  Lots of little lessons learned like that one.  In the end they went in smooth and tight..  I think the audio jacks are perfect in this location and you can only get them here with the small vents..

After working on the vents, Bekah and I took the plane for a stroll out into the driveway.  My fuse stand is great such that I am able to roll it all around and take the plane or walk.  While it was out we played around with the horizontal stabilizer.

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