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Monday, May 23, 2011

Misc Vent and Fuel Pump work

Over the last few days I have been continuing work on the vents and fuel pump.  Basically I now have the pump assembly/mount complete and am going to go back and take another crack at the fuel tubing.  My first batch of tubing didn't work very well and now I am on my replacement order from Vans.  The 3/8 inch tubing work takes some getting used to.

The mount turned out really well, I used angle beneath the pump which worked great and provided much rigidity, but to allow for wiring runs I had to remove some material in the downward facing flange of the angle.  I can now use conduit under the pump assembly to make for easy wiring.  The pump can be removed by taking out the entire section of the tunnel cover that it is mounted on but in general will never have to be removed once it is final mounted.

Updated:   The mounting holes in the EFII pump mount are drilled square but the posts are offset.  This makes some of them close to the posts, so I had to remove material from my bolt head for it to slide in correctly since the hole was too close to the post.  (see pic).   This conflicted with my idea to use nut-plates underneath and allow for the pump to removed via top access only.  I ended up using standard nuts and now to remove the pump from its mount I have to remove the tunnel cover all together.   The designer of the EFII pump indicated I can use allen heads to get access to use nuplates if I want, but I will leave it like this at this point since the benefits would be small.

I also was able to pro-seal my vent ducts in place.  This was simple job but took a few days as I had to let the pro-seal dry between sessions.  Threw in my control column to make sure it functions smoothly..  Had to remove a bit of material where the tunnel push rod connects to the control mechanism, but others have had to do this as well.   My hope is that I can fine tune this assembly without having to remove it again..  Wishful thinking I know..  :-)

Vans just said they Shipped my Finish Kit ! ! !   Wahoo ! !

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