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Monday, May 9, 2011

More Boost Pump and Fresh Air Vent work..

This weekend I worked a ton on the boost pump set up.   I am going with my own design here and trying to make it as solid as I can.  Using different types of angle to make the structure as light and rigid as possible.  Its turning out good so far, still have more to do..  Also another order from Vans will be required since I ran out of a couple types of angle.  A few points that I like is the angle I used, the AA3 version fits in perfectly with the bend in the tunnel cover, and allows it to be extended to help support where it has been "cut"..  Note I am using a combination of installs I have seen with the Andair pump and the EFII pump on other folks blogs..   Will post more pics as I get closer to being complete.

Also playing around with the final location of the Fresh air vents.  I got the Small aluminum ones from Stein and think I can put the vent and the audio jacks in one panel.  This is the mock up of Rebekah's vent and may very well end up being the final routing.  See the holes to be enlarged for the audio jacks on the right.  Also notice how smooth the vent fits into the edge of the panel.. 

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