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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finish Kit Arrives - Finish Fuel Pump Installation !

What a day..  I was able to finish all the remaining items on the fuse that I planned on finishing before the finish kit arrived and on the same day the finish kit showed up.  Wish I could say I planned it that way..

First off I hate working with 3/8 inch tube.   This stuff is crazy and must be so extremely accurate where the flared ends meet with the connections that you really have to get proficient at it.  The way I see it you can learn how to measure everything out perfectly, or start making attempts at your intended shape and then improving from there.   This was my method.. You use a lot of tube though this way.. Good thing it is cheap..

My Fuel Pump is fully installed and complete.  See the pictures, it turned out great in the end..

About the time I was finishing up, here comes Tony with Fed Ex..   The same guy that has delivered all three of my main kits..  The Finish Kit is Here  ! ! !   What is the finish kit you ask?   Well, it should really be known as the half way done kit..  Because it really  marks about the 1/2 way point in a build..   The finish kit includes the canopy, landing gear, engine mount, cowling, and other odds and ends to finish the airframe..   Now its time for another round of inventory with Bekah.  This kit looks to have fewer parts, but definitely higher dollar parts than the other kits I have received to date...  That canopy is $$$.

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