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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Flipped the Canoe !

Today I reached a huge milestone in the RV building world.   I was able to finish all the riveting on the lower section of the fuselage and turn it over or "flip the canoe".  Karl and Ben my neighbors came over and with Bekah we had a very successful roll over of the fuse.  We then lowered it onto a rolling stand that I made from a loaner stand that a friend from my EAA Chapter gave me a few months ago.  Now my airplane will look like a canoe for the next few weeks until the rear skins go on and it starts looking like an airplane  ;-)
The fuse looks great and I am really excited to be at this point in the build and moving forward through the next steps that involve the upper sections of the fuse and then onto the finishing kit.


  1. Chad, I have a question about the landing lights you installed. You mentioned the word kit. What kit were you referring to? I am building an RV-8 was was going to use the Aero LEDs. Comments? you replaced the lights in the kit with 50W HID? Thanks

  2. Hey David, I sent you an email on the topic, but the Kit was the Vans standard kit for wing tip lights in the RV7-8. It comes with Halogen lights, but I upgraded to HID.. Thx

  3. Chad, do you have any plans for the stand you built?

    1. Hey James, The Stand has already moved on to another builder. It was a fairly basic stand using a couple saw horses and locking casters, hopefully you can find one or build one yourself. Good luck with the rest of your build! Let me know if you have any other questions too. - thx


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