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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Finally Ready!

I finished riveting and am now ready to flip.  Bekah put in some time today and Mike came over again to help finish up the seat ribs.  Overall the riveting went well but there were a fee areas where the skin dented in more than I would like due to the universal rivets on thin skin and then one slipped bucking bar, but overall it worked out well.  I am really excited to get this thing turned over so I can start working on the top side. Just need to get a few guys over and Bekah so that we can turn this thing over safely.

Also, I sometimes get really excited about a few things much earlier in the build than I should, but to keep things interesting I find myself buying these cool things early.  So I picked up the Ray Allen G207 stick grip..  This baby has all four trim switches a push to talk switch and a couple others that I will use for autopilot disconnect button and hopefully a trim speed adjustment.  We'll see how it goes but it is fun to play with in the meantime.  Also, for my recent birthday I received a Grove Parking Brake valve.  This will come in handy when other RV'ers are jumping out of their plane quickly on the ramp so they can stop it from rolling.  ;-)  Not pictured is my SafeAir One static kit I got..  It will start getting installed shortly after the flip as well.

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