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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Forward Floor Stiffeners

Today I was able to temporarily mount the forward bottom skin and start to install the floor stiffeners.  But first there was the need to drill out the bottom skin where it attaches to the lower longerons as well as countersink a few holes where screws go to support the forward tank supports.  I counter sunk the holes directly with everything mounted and it worked out fairly well.  The right side did get a bit deep, but I was able to round it out and tested the screw, it fits fine.

After the bottom skin was clecoed in place, I modified the stiffeners to make them fit in the center section.  The center stiffeners are easier than the outer stiffeners which I still have to do, because you can use clamps to hold them in while drilling.   Once clamped, I drilled through the skin very carefully, then came back and drilled the stiffeners to the firewall and main spar supports as you see in the pics.  

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