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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Continuing Forward Fuse

I haven't placed my order with Van's yet because I am a bit gun shy.  Every time I place an order, the next day I mess something up, so I am waiting as I pick my way through the forward fuse until I have everything done on one side or the other.   Last night I worked on the angles that support the tank attach points.  These were a bit confusing at first, but after looking at the plans I was able to piece them together.   I didn't do them exactly as the instructions said, because they have you drill a hole prior to locating the part on the airplane.   I handheld the part on the airplane and then used one of the #40 skin holes as a pilot through the angle without the spacers at this time.   The Spacers were already drilled in the same hole, so after that I was able to cleco the entire assembly in place via the one hole, then match drill all the rest.  Worked out great..  Now if I can get the other side to cooperate..  ;-)  You can see in the pic that I haven't drilled the top hole (bottom actually since the fuse is upside down).  This is because I haven't drilled the bolt holes for the lower longeron to the firewall attach point.  That will happen probably this weekend.

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