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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Forward Fuse continued

I received my additional parts from Vans which allowed me to continue through the forward fuse.  I basically was able to work through the left side just like the right, but got a few more specific pictures.  Here is how I drilled the fuel tank attach plate.   Slipping rivets on the inside fuse to hold the spacers in place.  Also, securing the attach plate with appropriate clamps.

Next I was able to work through both gussets between the aux longerons and the firewall angle.  I took my time on these and they turned out really nice.  I guess the second time is a charm.  Once they were clamped in place I drilled through the skin and the aux longeron,  Then using clecos I peeled the skin back and an angle drill worked great through the firewall angle.

Then Bekah snapped a shot of my where I have been spending lots of time these days.   Its crazy how much you need to crawl around, in and out of this fuse while its under construction..

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