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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Forward Fuselage/Baggage Compartment; Odds and Ends

Last couple of days I was able to work through a few items on the forward fuse as well as the baggage compartment.   My order from Vans will be here later this week so I will be able to go back and work through some of the spots that I had to work around. 

In the meantime I was able to drill the ends of the lower longerons for the AN3 bolts that go there,  I did use a reamer at the end, but nothing fancy about this job.   Measured per Vans instructions and drilled.   No edge distance issues.   Also, I was able to mount the right side tank attach point.  This comes off until later, but was tricky to drill.   I will try to get better pics while doing the left side.  It was a combination of clamps and inserting rivets from the backside to keep the spacers in line while I used the tank attach point to match drill the second hole.  Look for more pics in a future update.

I also used a standard 1 inch wood boring bit to drill out the hole through the skin and the gear web for the fuel line.   Using these bits with the edge tips as you can see works great for these situations.  Here I am pretty sure two rubber grommets go on each side..  One for the gear attach plate, and one for the outer skin.  That is completed at a much later date though so lots of time to figure that one out.   Also I fluted and clecoed the baggage ribs in place.  

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