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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Starting the Fuse Center Section

With the Tail Cone wrapped up as far as I can go for now, it is time to move to the center section.  Although on the tail cone there are two rivets I have no idea how to buck at this time.   I will do some research online and wait for Bekah to get back.  But for now I am calling the tail cone done..

The center section mainly consists of the side by side seats and the baggage compartment.  Luckily I have started working on the ribs for the last few weeks so the initial stages aren't as daunting as they might have been.  There is a lot of rib prep that needs to go on.   Deburring and modification of the seat ribs, and don't forget the baggage compartment ribs.

My current delima is whether I am going to rivet or put in platenuts for screws for the seat floors.   The instructions allow for channels through the center of the seats with removable floors, but a majority of the seat floors are riveted down.   I will probably go with the instructions because my aft electrical is going to be pretty simple, and I am pretty sure I can get all my wires through the channels that are available fairly easily.   Also, if I need to pull up the seat bottom, the rivets can be pretty easily drilled out for access down the road.

The center section starts by clecoing everything together after the rib preparation is complete.  Here I get to go back and use some of the bulkheads I created in earlier steps.  The directions are much less specific at this point, so I am relying quite a bit more on the plans as I go through this.

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