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Friday, September 17, 2010

Center Section - Continued Progress

With two full days ahead of me of building, I am going to really dig into the center section.  This is where it starts getting fun, the center section is the core of the airplane.  Many of the cool bulkheads go in the center section.  Seats, control column, baggage compartment, most all the plan comes together in the center section. 

It starts by clecoing the front of the seat ribs to the F704 bulkhead, then the rear of the seat ribs to the F705 bulkhead, then following F705 is the baggage ribs.   After this assembly is together you flip it upside down and put the bottom skin on it.  Then tons of clecoes so that you can start drilling out the holes.

I got the entire underside drilled out, then flipped it up right and worked the holes between the ribs and the bulkheads themselves.

Then you add the front 1/2 of 704 and drill it out.  At this point there are a few holes on the bottom that don't get dimpled, the skin gets countersunk.  The dimple would interfere with the floor angle/supports later on when they get drilled.  You can see I counted out the holes, marked them, then countsunk them.  The rest will get dimpled over the next couple days.

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