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Monday, September 27, 2010

Center Section Final assembly

The center section is finally going together for the last time.  The initial few steps in this process are going to take longer than normal for me because I am going to also install the Electric Aileron Trim bracket and servo, as well as continue to fuss with my aft crotch strap bracket..   New Parts on order from vans for this and I am really frustrated.   I tried to make sure there was enough gap between the plates for any type of harness I decide too go with.  Well ended up that when I drill the top of the plate there is not enough edge distance on the screw hole.   I tried to fab up a new bracket with some angle but it weighted more and just wasn't a full elegant solution.   I don't want to replace 4 seat ribs that are already complete either, So now I am back to new brackets.  I will put a backing plate underneath the top flange to make sure I have plenty of edge distance, then I will continue to move forward.  Lots of RV's don't even have crotch straps, so this is not a critical piece, but I want to make it right.

Here is a pic of the center section coming together..

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