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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Right Wing skin ready to Rivet !

The right top skin is in place and fully ready to rivet.  Bekah and I will be taking our time this week to rivet a bit each evening.   We are going to use the standard shoot and buck method.  Using the Avery Swivel flush set and a tungsten bucking bar to make those top skin rivets as smooth as possible.   I am using post-its to hold each rivet in place; this way I get all rivets into the holes flush before even starting to rivet.  I did this on the empennage and it worked very well.  Lots of post-its though, but I am able to reuse them so it makes it worth it for me.  Right now I have a cleco in every other hole and a rivet in every other hole.  We are ready to go.

The Right tank is being pressure tested now..  Hopefully it passes, or else it might impact our riveting this week..

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