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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Aileron Attach Brackets / Priming Main Wing Skin

Today was definitely warm in Seattle for early Feb.  Was over 60 degrees by 3:00pm..  So perfect day for priming.  I got the right top wing skins prepped and primed, as well primed and assembled the Aileron attach brackets.  In the pic, I show them on all sides..   Hopefully I got the countersinks correct..  ;-)

Here are the skins drying for tomorrow.  Basically tomorrow they get clecoed on tightly and then the riveting starts and they never come off again.  ;-)

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  1. Chad,I had supper at your dad's house Friday night, he told me about your site,as soon as I got home I looked at all your pictures,you and Bekah are doing a beautiful job. I am building a Murphy Moose with the M14P radial so I can apreciate what you are going thru. Keep up the good work!......... Larry Luckinbill


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