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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mounting Left Tank and working on Aileron Attach Brackets

While waiting for the weekend to prime the main skins I am preping up the aileron attach brackets and was able to mount the left tank permanently.  Like other builders I had some pillowing of the metal near the nose of the tank/leading edge joint between the screws.   Adding additional screws/nutplates resolved this issue and still looks good.  Overall I am pretty happy with the fit of the tank.  I have been really stressing about this over the last few months.

I am definitely excited to see these going on hopefully permanently.

Here is the underside of the tank

Here is the current state of the Aileron Attach brackets.   They will get primed and put together this weekend.  I was careful to mark them and countersink the right spots for the appropriate rivets.  The directions don't tell you about this but the plans clearly show the countersink.

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