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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Misc Items

I have been working on the plane, just getting through some smaller items that aren't worth talking to much about.   I am going to rivet the side rails before I drill my canopy frame, I want to be assured the fuse is as stable and as final of a position as possible.  To do this I realized that I need to rivet F-705 seat back supports in place too, so over the next few days it will be more riveting for me.  I took the roll bar off and filled the tooling holes with Epoxy and micro-balloons which turned out great (dirty in pic, but will be ultra smooth when painted).  I also put the tubes and tires together using talc to make sure the tubes slid into appropriate positions inside the tires when I pumped them up.   I also was able to trim the right side off of the canopy latch since it isn't used and provides additional weight savings.  Lots of little things that add up and need to be done..

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