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Monday, June 27, 2011

Drilled Canopy Frame Hinge Brackets

To drill the hinge brackets I had everything fitted per the plans and used my ¼ inch bit reaching up through the firewall access.  It was awkward but I started the holes and pulled out the assembly to finish drilling them on the bench.  This is where it got stressful..  I used a brand new sharp 3/8 inch bit to open the hole to final diameter.  The hole was already opened up to about 5/16 and so only needed to be slightly larger.  The sharp bit wanted to dig through the hole instead of drilling.. It almost flipped the entire frame out of my hand and off the bench as it caught.  I started sweating and swearing a bit, but eventually got the hole drilled through straight and fairly clean.   Then I pressed in the bushings and they went in smooth as well.   No pics of the bushings right now, but I will add them shortly.

Then the moment of truth.  Set the frame back on the fuse and look at the fit with the pins in place.  As you can see in the pic, I think I got it nailed..  Some people have lots of trouble at this phase and throughout the build, this frame moves around a bit, but I think I got it nailed so far.  If anything the fit might be too close and will need to be trimmed up before I try to
open the canopy the first time. 

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