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Friday, June 3, 2011

Canopy Quick Release

I have been working on the quick release mechanism, but am not sure I will completely install it per plans.  Fully installed it is meant to allow for the canopy to be jettisoned in flight..   To my knowledge, no RVs have ever used this functionality and many builders build it in specifically for a fast way to remove the canopy while the plane is in the shop.  It installs right over the "hat" section.  In the pics you can see the twisting of the center post pulls the pins out of their slots which releases the canopy attach hinges.  I still have to do some work and actually buy a new UMHV (nylon) block since I miss-drilled mine a bit, but I have all the big pieces done.   I used a die grinder to cut the metal slots in the push tubes..   Worked pretty well.

Note that the bolts sliped through the tubes are only temporary.  In the end they will be non threaded pins securred by cotter pins.  Vans sent the wrong size, I will need them to resend appropriate ones.

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