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Friday, February 15, 2013

Continued Finishing touches

It has been a while since I have posted, but in that time I have been working through and torquing all the control surfaces and control columns etc.   I had an issue with the autopilot servo arm where it started to bind with the Elevator push rod when given full “UP” elevator.  I lengthened the servo push rod arm about 3/16 inch to where it now avoids binding.   With that corrected, I will now validate all my torques and verify secured wiring in the tail cone and under the seats before I put all the covers and seats back in place.   Next steps after that are to finish the panel, rivet on the top forward skin, then prep for the first engine start.  Oh, and then there is that pesky empennage fairing which has been avoiding me for the last few weeks.   Weather might be getting warm enough to do something about that too.   Not much left after that.. 

I got my Transition Training scheduled with Mike Seager down in Oregon in the middle of March.  After that I will hopefully having nothing more to do on this thing except fly it..  J

Oh, I also have been working on final touches with tips and lighting.   Here is a video I shot last time I was at the hangar.

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