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Saturday, February 23, 2013

20,000th Rivet !

Today was another pretty big milestone on the RV.  Bekah came out to the hangar and we finished shooting all the rivets on the plane and got the last top skin riveted on for good.   I don't think anyone really knows how many rivets are in an RV, but I can tell you over the last 4 years I got them all and 20K seems about right.  Its well known that there are at least 18,000 rivets anyway.

Before Bekah got up to the airport and since I had pulled out the panel, I had great access through the sub-panel where the map box goes.  With the wide open hole, I was almost able to shoot and buck all rivets on the right side skin by myself.   Just a few remaining for when Bekah arrived.

After lunch I put the panel back in and Bekah and I started shooting all the rivets on the left side of the skin.  I climbed deep under the RV Panel and bucked while Bekah shot from outside.  We got them all and the plane looks really good now.   Time to finish getting the panel back in place and then onto the final stages before the first engine start.  ;-)

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