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Monday, November 26, 2012

Is this really the final skin ?

I am still in the middle of sanding my lower cowl, but that should be complete shortly after 3 iterations of squeegeeing epoxy and sanding to remove the pinholes.   I might wait for a while to prime it since the weather outside is getting a bit chilly these days.  So in the meantime,  I decided it was time to start riveting on my final skin.  My plan here is to get the inner portion riveted and leave the outer pieces open so I can reach in and continue to work if necessary on the insides.   This will allow me to final fit the canopy which is really all that is left before I move to the airport.  I still need to work the canopy faring which will take a few weeks and I will outline the process in a few days.  Before I started riveting, I took lots of photos and double checked everything behind the sub panel.  Also, documented my ground block connections and fuses etc..

This was some of the hardest riveting to date.  I had to put the canopy pin retainer mechanism in place and let tit bounce around a bit and move out of the way so I could get some of the more difficult rivets.  I also put some pro-seal on both sides, the firewall side to keep out the CO, and the canopy fairing side so that it would keep water from coming in behind the sub panel.  Getting my hands through the lightening holes was a bit difficult with all the wiring, but doable. 

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