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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Battery Box, Master/Starter Relays

Last night I drilled more holes in the firewall and installed the battery box and relays.  I actually completed everything I had planned outside of the copper bar that connects the two relays.  This copper bar isn't included in the Firewall Forward kit which is frustrating so I will need to order separate.   Also, I cheated a bit and painted the internal components black, where most builders paint these the same as the firewall.   I think in my case the black looks good with the other sandstone color and part of my plan is "sporty/industrial" if that is such a theme..  My internal nutplates and stiffeners fit that theme well.  ;-).  Also, just for those who are new to this, the Relays connect direct to the battery and are really just huge switches that can carry tons of load which would melt smaller switches.  These big switches are activated by smaller switches on the panel.

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