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Saturday, May 15, 2010

More Wing Tip Lens Progress

Today I worked on the left wing tip lens so now both tips are "mostly" complete.  This one turned out pretty good also, but I did get a small scratch on the bottom of the lens, nobody will ever notice unless they read my blog and  then comment.  ;-)  For securing the tip lenses, I have decided to Tap the Nutplates that hold the lens (so that the screws only have slight friction), then I will use flox and epoxy to mount the nutplate, vs. the rivets that Van's recommends.   I can't seem to get a squeezer onto the rivets and don't want to use a rivet gun on the fiberglass.  Something I am saving for a later date is the mounting of the LED Nav/Strobes and final finishing inside the lens.

I also primed both bottom outboard skins. Once my tech inspection is complete (tomorrow) I am ready to finish riveting those skins and be materially complete with the wings.

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