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Friday, May 21, 2010

Closing out the Bottom Skin

With The Tech Council visit now behind me, I have started the final riveting session on the right wing.  The outboard bottom skin is now in place and getting riveted.  Going well so far, I have found that working with the wing in the original stand has been quite simple.  I am really excited about getting the wings in the cradle, but to me it seems best to just keep moving on them and rivet while the riveting is good.  Vans recommends doing bottom skins with the wing on a table, but with Rebekah helping me on some of the more difficult spots, we have been able to get through it pretty easily.   Those access holes really help as I can get my arm in there and really work that bucking bar.  The times when we need to peel the skin back are a bit tricky, but no more trick than if it were laying on the table and the skin is vertical vs. horizontal which makes more sense to me.

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