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Monday, May 31, 2010

Flaps and Ailerons

Today I spent a lot of time working on the ailerons.  I know I will need to remove them again a few times, but I wanted to get it figured out how many washers and how much spacing etc, to make them as centered as possible.  I got them centered, and then alligned with a  version of a fixutre that Vans recommends.  I basically took two straight 1 by 2's and used a few 3 inch #10 metal bolts in the tooling holes to align for the center of the cord of the wing.  Note that the directions have  you use the two tooling holes in the main rib, and disregard the tooling holes in the aileron, just use the trailing edge point to determine center cord.  Worked fairly well, so now I am on to the next step of alligning and drilling the flaps.

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