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Monday, August 26, 2013

Dynamic Prop Balance/ Oil Change and Continued Flying

So I am not updating this blog much anymore since really I haven’t’ been doing much work on the plane.   I don’t want to take it offline and risk missing a weekend, so I am waiting until later in September for some of the remaining fiberglass work.  I did get the prop dynamically balanced, which does make a noticeable difference.  The plane isn’t any smoother, but when you touch the metal structure, or the wiring up under the panel during flight you can tell there is less vibration in it.   So I am glad I balanced it knowing that it does make a difference.   I also changed the oil/filter for the 3rd time after 25 hours.  I think I will stick with changing every 25 hours since from this point forward I will be putting consistent hours on the plane.

This weekend I took Bekah over the Cascades for the first time and we headed to Spokane to visit a friend from college and his family.   Was a great trip, had to go VFR on top at 11500 to get over there.  Coming back we were between layers but were able to get in at 8500, so some better views of the mountains.   All in all it was a great trip to eastern Washington, but I was anxious to get home when Sunday came.   Getting back over the mountains can be dicey no matter what time of year.  We made it though, so all was good.

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