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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Canopy Frame Shims..

These canopy frame shims are easy for some, but for me they were quite difficult..   I don’t have a belt sander, and filing these puppies was just a horrible experience.   I borrowed the use of a fellow builders sander and ended up with some really great shims..   Finally got them in place by talking the frame off the fuselage and got them drilled..  Turned out Great, sorry for the fuzzy pictures.. 

Then I went ahead and riveted the frame sides and am edging ever closer to getting out that big plastic bubble and starting to cut it up..  Note that there is a funny pre-punched hole in the skin that many builders don't know what to do with since it falls so close to where the plans have you drill on of the holes used to connect the sides to the front frame.  In this case, I used the hole as a guide, so one of the 10 side rivets is slightly off as you can see and I am leaving it open (clecoed) for now, because down the road, I am hoping to use it as a rivet to hold the skin down.   Other builders have added additional rivets for this purpose, I am just trying to be efficient.  We'll see if it works out.

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