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Friday, December 10, 2010

Continuing Fuse/Paint Prep

I have made tons of progress on the fuse over the last few days..  No entries or pictures because it is just metal work, dimpling, edging, deburring, countersinking etc..  Countersinking those longerons was brutal !!    Anyway, now I am moving to some of the more specific preparation pieces,  I was able to tape up the firewall for top coat paint and then primed the overlapping parts on the center and aft fuse.  Next steps are priming the forward fuse pieces and then trying my hand at final top coat.  This I am worried about since I have never done it before.

My plans for top-coating is to use Sherwin Williams Genesis, It is very similar to Jetflex from a properties perspective but is available locally.  The stuff is supposed to be rock hard and resistant to all solvents.  Its used commercially to cover industrial equipment so should be good enough for the interior of my aircraft.  Its a two part paint and I will be covering my two part PPG Primer with it.  My first step is to prime some of the parts I have been working on, along with some other scrap, so I can test shoot the Genesis product.  I went with a semi dark greyish color with some warm tones in it, but it is metallic and semi gloss.  At this point I am not even sure if metallic or if I should be using flat/satin/gloss etc.  We will try out a couple samples and show it to some local folks (and Rebekah) to see if I am on the right track.  Wish me luck..

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