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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My First Rivets ! !

OK, so I decided to take a crack at the practice project tool box from Van's. As you can see I squeezed my first ever rivets and they turned out OK. A few lessons learned though about how soft aluminum is and that it scratches way to easy, so will need to take greater care when riveting the actual airplane, but I think for a first time I did pretty well. I only used the squeezer and the dimpler so far.. My flat head rivet set for the gun is on back order so won't get that for a few days yet. I am concerned about the circles around the countersinks but don't think there is any way to avoid them no matter how good a riveter you are, as well I was confused with the pneumatic squeezer as I think I was forced to use it backwards and will need to use it backwards for most areas on the airplane.. It is tricky using it backwards and the directions say not to, but I think you will have to at times. I will ask the pros next time I get a chance.

Oh, also loading a pic of the shop.. Lights are up, table covered etc.. Ready to go..

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