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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Empannage Ordered ! . Builder #73541

Today I decided to go for it and order the empannage from Van's. I chose manual elevator trim at this time because Van's indicated that I could exchange parts at a later date for the same price. I am pretty sure I will go with electric trim eventually, but there are some questions I need to figure out first. I want to make sure I have the ability to slow the servo motor down so I can make smooth adjustments in the trim. Doing this will require additional electronic components that I am unaware of at this time. Also, electric trim will require a stick with the ability to adjust, and a trim indicator either on the EFIS or Panel.. I also ordered some Alumiprep and Alodine from Aircraft Spruce so that when my next practice kit comes I can practice with metal protection as well..

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