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Monday, June 23, 2014

Coast Trip - Ocean Shores

Flying to the coast was something we always wanted to do, typically winds are a bit stronger out there and we really wanted to hit up Ocean Shores.  Ocean Shores is kind of unique in that the runway always has crosswinds.  Usually runways are built the same direction as prevailing winds in the area, but here I think the runway was built the only direction the land would allow, which results in constant crosswinds.  That combined with higher winds of the coast we were always cautious about heading out there.   Saturday the morning winds were forecasted to be light so we went for it.  Turned out to be fine and we landed before the winds picked up.  Took the 30 minute walk into town and hit the beach as well as a local fish and chips place.  The winds did pick up and it wasn’t very warm, so the overall experienced suffered a bit due to that, but in general we had a good time.  On departure we took off in a crazy 15 knot crosswind and flew up the beach and checked out Copalis Beach Airport which is an airport where you can actually land on the beach.   Will have to fly in there eventually as well.
Click the below link for a short video of our flight up the Beach


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